1. lebaenese:

    Remember when pizzaforpresident blamed native Americans because he couldn’t go to Disneyland

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  2. Anonymous said: why are you on the pooh's adventures wiki



    someone please explain

    why am I on the Pooh’s adventures wiki as an image named Him.jpg?


  3. I’m gonna stop.

    Thank you all for having me tonight, you’ve been a wonderful audience. Good night.

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  7. Even after all we’ve been through I can’t be mad at Peter Molyneux because he definitely has a passion in what he does and he very clearly wants to make the best thing ever, but it never goes through.

    He is the Homer Simpson of video game devs.


  8. I’m too excited and I’m posting a lot stupid text posts, I probably shouldn’t do that when I just made a lot of followers/friends whoops


  9. my copy of Fable III is more popular than me

  10. estpolis:


    heaven is here


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  11. buttcraft:

    Hiding $60 in my Fable 3 case so if I ever find myself wanting to play it, I can just buy a new game instead.


  12. kinda bummed because I don’t think Fable 3 is the shittiest game in the world and all

    but damn let me tell you if that Fable 3 post ain’t the truest thing

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  14. transjudai:

    mmmmblocking out the haters

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  15. Brand new Brand New shirt (ha).

    Probably my favorite shirt because it has a guy peeing on and electric wire and I really hope the artist behind this illustration gave it the title “Electricipee”

    also my hair is super gross from all the sweat, but overall it was a rad concert.